Top 7 Expensive Schools In Kazakhstan In 2017

Once part of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan has faced serious issues since becoming it’s own nation. An economic depression led to major cuts in public financing for education in Kazakhstan in 1993 with many teachers leaving the field for more lucrative careers or life abroad. Since that time of instability, the country has worked with its neighbors to strengthen it’s education system.

Following the 1995 constitution which provides for mandatory primary and secondary school education. Kazakhstan was reported as holding a 99.1% literacy rate for males and 97.7% for females (as of 1999).

Children typically start kindergarten at age 5 with primary school starting at age 6 and running from years 1 – 5. Primary school is provided free to all citizens and residents of Kazakhstan. Students continue in lower secondary school from grade 5 to year 9. Upon entering upper secondary school, there are three tracks available. Graduates of all three tracks are eligible to enter university.

The curriculum for both primary and secondary school is established by the Ministry of Education. Curriculum covers subjects like literature, student’s first language, Russian or Kazakh language (depending on the language of the school in general), history, physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and foreign language.

7. Oxford Academy Almaty (OAA)
Tuition Rates: $4,000 – $9,000

The school follows the British Curriculum for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

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