Top 10 Richest People In Palestine In 2017

Palestine is a partly recognized state of Middle East. Most of the areas claimed under the State of Palestine are occupied by Israel for many years where there is always a state of war. Despite all these factors, Palestine is a part of United Nations and has also been granted the status of nonmember observer state. Though the existence of Palestine had been a controversy since its independence, this country has produced many billionaires and millionaires who are establishing the economy of the country and are also inaugurating foreign relationships with leading countries of the world.

Top ten richest people of Palestine in 2016 are as shared below.

10. Lily Safra

Net worth: 1 billion dollars
Known for: Family business and banking

She is a 71 year old, one of the richest woman of Palestine apart from her inherited family business. She has earned her worth by being a famous socialite and philanthropist in London and New York and is close friends with Prince Charles and his wife Camilla.

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