Top 10 Richest Celebrities In Botswana You Don’t Know

Often times, our kind tends to argue Botswana has no celebrities but we beg to differ. According to Wikipedia; the word celebrity simply resonates with fame and public attention in the media; usually applied to a person, group of people, or, occasionally, to animals. Celebrity status is often associated with wealth and fame and can often provide opportunities to make money.

Based on the above narration; for anyone in the showbiz or sporting fraternity to tell you that they did not get into their callings to seek attention are therefore lost; at least that’s what we think. It is, therefore, the attention-seeking exploits that bring them wealth. Brands all over the world want to associate with celebrities who cause havoc and grab the public’s attention.

While some celebrities often squander their cash or earnings by balling out of control others, on the other hand, invest it wisely; in a typical ‘make hay while the sun shines’ approach. BOTSWANA UNPLUGGED recently pondered and came up with a list of Batswana celebrities who could be silent millionaires or are destined to become millionaires soon. While information on Botswana millionaires remains a closely-guarded secret; we looked at what and how the few chosen Batswana are doing in order to possibly make the millionaires’ list.

1. Shona and Connie Ferguson 


There’s absolutely no doubt that the happily married couple are millionaires. Based in South Africa; but originally from Botswana, the two started their careers as actors; Connie having played the character of Karabo Moroka in Generations for the longest time as well as yet another TV series, The Wild and Rockville. Shona, on the other hand, acted in Scandal, Muvhango, The Wild as well Rockville.

The couple now owns a production house dubbed Ferguson Films, which is doing extremely well. Currently, the couple produces the popular Igazi which beams on Mzansi Magic every Sunday at 2000hrs as well as Rockville. Recently Ferguson Films scouted and signed an agreement with Botswana’s Signed International; where one lucky winner will be given a role in one their all-star productions.

Just recently, Shona surprised his wife with a brand new Mercedes Benz AMG 63. Connie is the first woman in South Africa to launch her own celebrity fragrance named “True Self”. The couple also partnered with KDC Opticals to produce Connie Eyewear.

2. DJ Fresh – $3 million

DJ Fresh

Born in Botswana on October 15, 1972; the legendary mix-master, music producer, entrepreneur and radio and television producer is definitely a millionaire. Having started his craft as far back as 1997 on YFM to date; after leaving Botswana’s RB2 and commonly known as The Big Dawg, DJ Fresh is a true legend having done and seen it all. Currently, DJ Fresh hosts #Freshat5 on 5FM.

Surely the legendary DJ has accumulated enough to surpass the millionaire mark. In the past, he was a presenter of the Tropica Island Show, Studio Mix and Club Culture. Fresh has also sold more than a million records with his House music albums aptly termed ‘Fresh House Flava’. Not only is he one of Msanzi’s most loved DJs; he has released music over the years that has changed the face of music in South Africa and beyond.

He continues to dominate the music scene, and he has played in Johannesburg, London, Dubai, Melbourne, Brisbane, Moscow, and many more places in the world. He has also shared the stage with the best DJs in the world, including the likes of Jazzy Jeff, Fat Boy Slim, “Little Louie” Vega, Deep and many more.

Not only is he a DJ and artist, he’s also a businessman and some of his business ventures include running Big Dawg Productions, F.E.U; a partnership which he has with DJ Euphonik and many others. Just recently he partnered with BUDDS for Bluetooth earphones. He was also a judge on SA Got Talent that airs on eTV.

DJ Fresh’s net worth is estimated at a whopping US$3million.

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