Top 10 Richest Caribbean Islands In 2017

Approaching, many of us are dreaming of the soft sandy beaches and shining blue shallows promised by sunny Caribbean islands but for some lucky people, these exotic islands are home all year round. Made up of over 700 islands, reefs, islets and cays, the Caribbean promises a variety of treasures both on and off its shores.

Historically, most Caribbean islands belonged to a variety of European colonies. However, since achieving independence and/or autonomy, many Caribbean islands have managed to establish themselves competitively in the world economy. Undeniably, tourism is the industry that has flourished the most in the region but many of these islands are also agricultural strongholds, or have opened up to manufacturing and financial industries.

The following list has been drawn up according to data collected by the World Bank estimating the GDP per capita of each island between 2016 and 2017. It ranks the top ten richest Caribbean islands from lowest to highest.

10. Grenada – $10, 979 GDP per capita

Grenada Watersports
 Grenada has a small, open economy that’s largely tourism-based. Approximately 69% of the island’s GDP emanates from the service industry. Over the past twenty years, the economy has shifted from being dependent on agriculture to being dependent on the services. However, the island remains a key exporter of spices, and is the second biggest exporter of nutmeg in the world. It also exports cocoa, bananas and citrus fruits. Grenada has honed in on the rising demand for eco-tourism and provides a series of eco-friendly guesthouses. It also attracts visitors looking for beach and water sports holidays.
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