Top 10 Highest Paying Careers in Rwanda in 2019

Rwanda is among the emerging economies in Africa. With the increasing level of education, there are jobs that pay better than others. Here are the highest paying careers in Rwanda

1. Medicine

A degree in medicine can land you a well-paying job in Rwanda. Doctors lead in terms of pay, job security and terms of employment. But for you to become a doctor, you have to spend at least 5 years in college as a student of medicine and surgery

2. IT/Computer Science

It is a course that is well paying especially if you secure employment in the private sector. Besides, IT and Computer science, a Software engineer is another IT related degree course that’s well paying.

If you are intending to study a lucrative course at the university, then pursue a degree in IT.

3. Bachelor of Commerce/Accountants

Business-related courses are also among the highest paying careers in Rwanda. Here in Rwanda, Accountants are a happy lot; they not only earn good perks, but also enjoy what they do.

If you are lucky to pursue business-related course and professional certification like ACCA, CFA or ACCA, there are high chances you will get a job with an international financial institution with good compensation.

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