Top 10 Expensive Schools In Panama In 2018

Panama has many good private schools to choose from for expats relocating here.  Panama’s private schools are amongst the top in Central America, and are easily comparable with the quality of education offered by schools in North America.

It is recommended that foreigners enroll their children into private schools in Panama, because Panama’s public schools lack resources, good teachers, and have poor curriculum.  Another problem is over crowding where schools have students either attending the morning session or the afternoons, and not full time, resulting in half the hours of instruction offered in North American schools. Below are the top 10 expensive schools in Panama in 2017……

10. Oxford School
Tuition fee – $7,400 – 10,000

Oxford School should not be confused with Oxford International School which is another good school in Panama City.  The Oxford School was founded in 1984 and is the first private international British school in Panama.  It follows the National Curriculum of England.

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  1. I think you need to double check some of your facts. Colegio San Agustin was certainly NOT established in 2001, but in 1954. I should know, I am an alumni and my father was an alumni as well and it was before 2001. The year you mention is probably the one in which the school moved from its former campus in Paitilla, to the current one in Costa del Este.
    Same for La Salle, it was NOT established in 1975.

    1. 2001 is when the school moved to Costa del Este!

  2. Foundation year for San Agustin and La Salle are wrong. Those are probably the year on which the actual faciities were built. Both school have been in Panama for more than 60 years.

  3. Wrong… Colegio San Agustin was established in 1954 and moved to Costa del Este in 2001

  4. La Salle 2017, 10th grade US$ 2,450.00

  5. Colegio De La Salle was founded in 1908 not 1975. I don’t know where did you get that info, because unlike the 2001 from Colegio San Agustín (when they moved to their actual location not their foundation), Colegio De La Salle has been located in El Cangrejo since 1952.

  6. This is helpful, but could have been more consistent and detailed. Several schools ask for a “bono” upon enrollment, including the MET, Balboa, and ISP, whereas King’s College does not (and that is why the tuition is somewhat higher than the others). Also, is Knightsbridge not an international school? I think they also cater to kids with disabilities. In addition, I’m not sure how you are concluding that these schools are among the “best in Central America.” It’s known among the international community that the level of education in Panama, even in these schools, is not comparable to those of other countries in the region.

  7. Data of ISP needs to be updated, too.
    The school has more than 1200 students from 50 different countries
    Tuition fee for 2017-2018 varies from 8,060 (PK3) to 16,100 (Grade 9-12)

  8. Because these schools are expensive does not mean they are good. It just means the owner(s) earn more!

  9. Trinidad Del Carmen Rodriguez

    Distritos de Bella Vista, Costa del Este?? Que va, les recomiendo instruirse antes de escribir semejante cosa!!

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