These Are 6 Best Schools In Waikato In 2018: Here Are The Stats

Waikato is a local government region of the upper North Island of New Zealand. It covers the Waikato, Hauraki, Coromandel Peninsula, the northern King Country, much of the Taupo District, and parts of Rotorua District. It is governed by the Waikato Regional Council. Below are top best schools in Waikato in 2018

6. St. Paul’s Collegiate College

St Paul’s Collegiate School is a private Anglican secondary school in Hamilton, New Zealand. Opened in 1959 originally as a boys only school, the school began admitting girls in years 12 to 13 in 1985, then girls in years 11 to 13 in 2010.


5. Sacred Heart Girls College

Sacred Heart Girls College is a state integrated Catholic Girls’ secondary school in Hamilton, New Zealand. The school was established by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions in 1884.

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