Top 10 Richest Tribes in South Africa

South Africa is the mother of various Bantu speaking groups that have worked collectively into making their country what it is today. The country is gifted with numerous rich tribes and every tribe is eminent for having a few characteristics that distinguish itself from other tribes.

Today we have a list of the richest tribes in South Africa 2018

11. Swati

The Swati also known as the Swazi is the only South African tribe that has maintained their unique identity to date. They wear colorful traditional dresses and are known for its patriarchal nature. Selecting the king for them is like selecting the next queen mother who dominates the kingdom. These people have retained their traditional beliefs in sorcery, witchcraft and traditional healing despite having accepted Christianity. They are known for their various traditional events, the unhlangaincwala and the most exiting – the eight-day reed dance. The eight-day reed dance is majorly for the purpose of protecting the chastity of the single women and for praising their queen mother.

10. Pondo

This tribe is classified under the sub-group of the amaXhosa. It is a Xhosa speaking group of people who gave their name to Pondaland, the area that comprises the Northern Seaboard of the Eastern Cape Province.

9. Tsonga

In the Tsonga culture a village may be formed as a result of one family since a man was allowed to have many wives and children. They worship the Supreme Being Tilo and the men were naturally considered as the alpha.

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