$20 million lawsuit alleges Dallas Cowboys ‘cover-up’ in Ezekiel Elliott car crash

A Frisco man says the Dallas Cowboys interfered with the Frisco Police Department’s investigation into a traffic accident after his car was struck by running back Ezekiel Elliott, according to a court document filed Tuesday.  The court filing says that Dallas Cowboys employees tried to influence the investigation of a crash and mask its severity to ensure […]

Texas Digest: Memorial unveiled for police killed by Dallas sniper

Memorial unveiled for police killed by sniper Officials have unveiled a monument to five police officers killed in the 2016 sniper attack in downtown Dallas. The sculpture showing the faces of the fallen officers was revealed in front of police headquarters Monday, three years and a day after a U.S. Army veteran opened fire on […]

Finity urges caution over add-on insurance changes

Add-on insurance practices came under heavy fire at the Hayne royal commission, but actuarial consultancy Finity has warned regulators against taking a sweeping approach to rule changes that might only make the situation worse. The royal commission called for regulations that would protect consumers from pressure selling tactics that were common in add-on insurance, and […]

Coinbase Is in Talks to Launch Its Own Insurance Company

The takeaway: Coinbase is exploring plans to set up its own “captive” insurance company, industry sources said. At the start of this year, insurance broker Aon began establishing captive companies in the Cayman Islands, working with a handful of cryptocurrency firms. Aon says a captive structure can help firms get access to additional coverage at […]

How the Democratic Candidates Responded to a Health Care Policy Survey

The New York Times asked all 23 Democratic presidential candidates for their views on the best ways to improve the health care system. We received responses from 19 of them. [Read our analysis of the responses here.] The first three questions asked whether the candidates supported three possible routes for changing how Americans receive health […]

Get Car Insurance Quotes Before Renewing The Contract

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 17, 2019 / Compare-autoinsurance.org has released a new blog post that explains why clients should carefully compare car insurance quotes before renewing coverage options. For more info and free car insurance quotes, visit http://compare-autoinsurance.org/compare-car-insurance-quotes-before-renewing-the-current-plan/ Before renewing the current coverage, it is recommended to run a quick scan of the market. […]

When It Is Recommended To Get Car Insurance Quotes Online

Compare-autoinsurance.org has launched a new blog post that explains when drivers should check the car insurancemarket. For more info and free quotes, please visit https://compare-autoinsurance.org/when-its-recommended-to-check-car-insurance-quotes-online/ The car insurance rates paid by a driver can be affected by certain events. In some cases, drivers will pay less on their insurance premiums, while on other cases drivers will have […]

Speed and Accuracy of Auto Insurance Quotes to Improve as DealerPolicy Integrates TransUnion’s DriverRisk into its Offerings

Without the right data, providing quick and accurate insurance quotes based on an applicant’s full risk profile can be challenging. To this end, DealerPolicy, a trusted and comprehensive insurance marketplace for automotive retailers and their valued customers, announced the integration of TransUnion’s DriverRiskSM (NYSE: TRU) into its current offerings. TransUnion’s DriverRisk solution provides DealerPolicy with access to violation […]

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