NZ’s Top-10 Selling Vehicles In 2017

Nothing succeeds like a good statistic. A place (or places in some cases) on the top-10 sales chart is still highly prized by mainstream carmakers, and the registration numbers crunched and collated each month are eagerly awaited by the motor industry.

And we punters for that matter, because everybody loves a list and this is the big one for the local automotive scene: The 10 best-selling new vehicles for the year to date.

The Motor Industry Association (MIA) figures published each month treat passenger-cars and light-commercials separately. That’s fine for auto-business bods, but such is the rise of the ‘lifestyle’ ute that we’ve put them all together.


If we were sticking to our self-imposed rules, this spot should belong to the Toyota Hiace, which has outsold the Suzuki Swift by 12 units year-to-date. But it’s a stretch to think of the Hiace light-commercial as a passenger/lifestyle vehicle. So Swift it is!

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