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Low-Dose CT Screening May Delay Mesothelioma Deaths

The results of a long-term national study suggest that low-dose CT screening might prevent – or at least delay – deaths from pleural mesothelioma.  The National Lung Screening Trial included more than 53,000 lung cancer patients. Researchers released the first results in 2011 after more than six years of study. The recent follow-up results reflect more than […]

How Do Children and Young Adults Get Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that has a long latency period. This means that it takes the disease several years — even decades — to develop after a person has been exposed to asbestos. Because of this fact, mesothelioma is more commonly found in older adults and seniors. Encountering mesothelioma in children or young adults is […]

Best insurance companies in South Africa and worst 2019

Majority of South Africans do not enjoy exploring the topic of indemnity. Indemnity companies have been conducting mass education on the importance of securing covers over the years in form or advertisements in the media. What would you do if your house burned down, floods ruined your property, or had a car accident? While everyone […]

Top 10 biggest insurers in South Africa

Research conducted by KPMG through its South African Insurance Industry Survey 2019, shows which firms dominate the short-term insurance industry. The financial service firm said that business activity in the insurance industry over the lasttwelve to fifteen months  in South Africa has been that of ‘disruptive innovation’. Traditional insurers want to enjoy the growth rates […]

Top 10 Insurance Companies In South Africa 2019

Insurance is not anyone’s favourite topic, but something everyone will most likely need to deal with at least once in their lives. Whether you need to insure your precious valuables or your own life, insurance companies in South Africa are all around you. Though it’s often deemed as quite expensive, insurance can be a lifesaver […]

Here’s The Top Five Insurance Companies (and why we say so)

Competent brokers will not expose their clients to business with dubious insurance companies. Therefore, it is crucial to stay informed about the different options out there.  Here is our list of the most reputable companies on the insurance scene in South Africa at the moment: 1. Santam Santam is South Africa’s largest short-term insurer with […]

‘An expensive problem’: How much will health insurance cost in retirement?

When you’re preparing for retirement, healthcare expenses are probably one of the last things on your mind. But retirees can end up spending tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars on healthcare alone during their golden years, making it one of the most crucial costs to prepare for.  The average retiree spends around $4,300 […]

We overpay for broken health care. Medicare for All would be much better and cost less.

The usual response to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All proposal is: “It sounds good, but how can we pay for it?” But Medicare for All will, over time, actually cost less than the current system, while providing universal care. The notion that it is unaffordable stems partly from a misunderstanding of government estimates of future health expenditures. […]

Interest rate reduction by the Federal Reserve provides economic insurance

The Federal Reserve is expected to take out an economic insurance policy this week and lower interest rates by 25 basis points. Some have even argued to stand pat, to save the “interest rate ammunition” for when it is most needed, not when the unemployment rate is close to a five-decade low. Interestingly, the case for a […]

Health insurance group CEO: Medical costs ‘at a tipping point’

High deductibles and copays. Exorbitant prices for certain prescription drugs. Surprise bills from out-of-network providers. Continuing efforts to kill the Affordable Care Act. No wonder that health care dominated the first Democratic presidential debates, with several candidates denouncing insurance companies. Matt Eyles, CEO of America’s Health Insurance Plans, the trade group representing leading health insurers, sat down recently with USA TODAY’s […]

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