How the Democratic Candidates Responded to a Health Care Policy Survey

The New York Times asked all 23 Democratic presidential candidates for their views on the best ways to improve the health care system. We received responses from 19 of them.

[Read our analysis of the responses here.]

The first three questions asked whether the candidates supported three possible routes for changing how Americans receive health insurance: by creating a “Medicare for all” system that would eliminate private insurance; by providing a choice between a “public option” health care plan run by the government and private insurance; or by making more modest changes to the Affordable Care Act.

Candidates could indicate support for more than one option. But in the fourth question, we asked which of the three options would be the best way to improve the health care system, and that is where a split in the field was revealed.

The survey also included several other questions about health insurance and coverage, how the candidates would finance their plans, and other matters like prescription drug prices.

Below are the responses from each of the 19 candidates. Many of the questions were posed in a yes-or-no format but also allowed the candidates to add additional comments. Some of the responses we received were written in the first person, while others were supplied by campaign staff members. Aside from a few corrected typos and minor punctuation changes for clarity, these are the full, unedited answers we received.

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