6 Amazing Movies In 2017 You Should Be Watching Right Now

A while back, I wrote about the most amazing TV shows you should be watching right now.

I am sure most of you have watched them by now so I’ll give you another fresh list of series later. Right now, let’s talk about movies. I have compiled some recent but unique movies (all are 2017 releases) that will provide great entertainment for you.  They aren’t movies that everyone’s been talking about like Wonder Woman or Fast and Furious. But they are gems and they are available in HD. There’s something for everyone. Just take your pick. Here they are:

1. Kidnap.

This superbly done motion picture came out earlier this year and it stars Halle Berry as a waitress who tries to rescue her son who has been kidnapped from a park while playing. It has non-stop thrills from start to finish without botching anything. It has to be my first recommendation.


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