15 Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa At The Moment, Apart From Businessman Or Politician

Data from CareerJunction provides an indication of how much one can expect to to earn in 10 major sectors across the country, including the the types of jobs that garner the highest salary.

Based on its comprehensive jobs data BusinessTech looks at the jobs that pay the highest salaries at the top end.

CareerJunction’s data showed that most of the top-paying jobs are in the engineering sector, where a senior civil and structural engineer earns an average salary of R70,300 a month (or just over R843,610) a year.

Aside from engineers, other top-paying positions are commonly found in the Finance and ICT sectors, as well as within the medical field, which was a new addition to the survey.

The group’s data is in line with a post by Jobmail.co.za which found the following titles to be among the best paid: architects, software engineer, accountant, petroleum engineers, and computer and information systems managers.

Additional high paying jobs as cited by Jobmail.co.za and not covered by CareerJunction include lawyers, specialist doctors, air traffic controllers, and airline pilots.

Jobmail.co.za finds that for airline pilots, while the average salary is R372,001 per year, qualified and experienced pilots can expect to earn a lot more.

“Most airlines have a very high turnover rate and you can demand a lot more money when you are being head hunted by bigger airlines,” it said.

For doctors, while the average general practitioner earns about R476,000 per year, this figure skyrockets as you specialise, the recruitment site said. CareerJunction’s data showed that a senior GP can earn as much as R732,000 a year.

There are the 15 top paying jobs, according to CareerJunction.

NB: All salaries indicated are monthly basis

1. Civil/Structural Engineering – R70,301 as monthly salary 

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