15 Highest-Paying Jobs In Nepal In 2018

Nepal is slowly emerging as a fast growing economy in front of the world. Needless to state, job creations have increased over the past few years. International organizations are seeking to find cheap and skilled labor in Nepal and the rates of salaries are increasing in the country on a daily basis. What are the best paying jobs in Nepal? Which 15 jobs in Nepal offer the best salary? Let’s get a sneak peek into the best paying jobs in Nepal in descending order.

15. Web Designer

Another one of the best paying jobs in Nepal is that of a web designer. Designers earn as much as 41000 on a monthly basis. An experience of 4 years and a bachelor’s degree in any IT related subject is sufficient for one to obtain the salary of that amount.

14. Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Managers can also earn as much as 43000-45000 rupees on a monthly basis. The experience of 10 years and prior knowledge and education in purchasing and inventory are deemed as necessary skills to obtain the job position.

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