10 Expensive Things Owned By The Sultan of Brunei| Number 1 Is A Shocker

10. Worlds Largest Personal Residence – $400 million

Coming in just in-front of Buckingham Palace, this massive compound is currently the largest residential palace in the world and the largest single family residence ever built.

It was constructed in 1984 at a cost of around $400 million dollars and features many amenities including an air conditioned horse stable.

The Sultan’s home contains a completely insane 1,788 rooms that include 257 bathrooms, a banquet hall for 5000 guests, 110 car garage and 5 swimming pools.

The palace is spread over 2 million square feet and has its own Mosque that can accommodate up to 1500 worshippers at one time.

It is so large that requirements include the use of 564 chandeliers, 51,000 light bulbs, 44 stairwells, and 18 elevators.

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  1. That’s a mosque not his residence

  2. That’s a mosque not the sultan resident

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