10 Crazy Things You Will See Driving In Puerto Rico

Driving in Puerto Rico is a special experience. Puerto Rico boasts some very well maintained (and not so great) roads and highways, approximately 14,400 kilometres (8,900 mil) total. The Department de Transportation y Obras Publicas (DTOP) is responsible for maintaining those roads.  The three main interstates circle the island – Pri-1, PRI-2 and PRI-3 – making travelling quick and easy when there isn’t traffic.

If you are new to driving in Puerto Rico, you will see some unfamiliar sites on the roads and highways. While Puerto Rico’s traffic is on the right side of the road and follows the same basic driving rules as any US state, driving here is challenging.

Crazy drivers rule the roads in Puerto Rico and illegal driving habits abound. Follow these 3 simple rules and you will (most likely) make it through just fine:

  • Stay alert
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Drive defensively

1. Traffic

Traffic in Puerto Rico

Often unexpected on a tropical island; the amount of traffic you will encounter in Puerto Rico can be staggering. Watch out when driving near city centres during rush hour, when there is an event or near holidays and weekends.

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