2018 Ranking Of Top 10 Best Schools In Namibia Named

We are pleased to announce our Top 10 best Namibian Secondary Schools in  for 2018. This years list remains similar  to last years in many ways. This assessment was not only based on academic results but also infrastructure and other factors. Kindly find below the Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Namibia 2018

10. Delta Secondary School

best Namibian secondary school

Delta Secondary School Windhoek (DSSW, German: Delta Oberschule Windhoek, DOSW) previously known as Deutsche Oberschule Windhoek, is a government secondary school in Namibia. Situated in the capital Windhoek, it was separated from its younger counterpart Delta School Windhoek (DSW), formerly known as German School Windhoek, in January 1975.

DSSW annually has a Dragon Boat Race at Avis Dam. The event does not only raise money for the students but it also promotes class and school involvement. It also has an annual open air school outing for Grade 8 to Blumfelde and Grade 11 to Rock Lodge

DSSW has been known for its high academic performances, especially in subjects like mathematics where students were honored with numerous awards. DSSW was the 8th best performing High School in Namibia in 2012, and occupied place 10 in 2013.

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