10 celebrity couples who double up as business partners in Kenya

Celebrity couples in business: Love is a beautiful thing. Finding a marriage partner who is loyal, hardworking, supportive and with brains for business is a plus. Celebrity couples in business have proved to bring more to the table compared to their counters parts who roll solo. The former has proved to have a deep understanding […]

10 Kenyan Media personalities stained by Negative Publicity

When things starting going South in your social life as a Kenyan Media personalities or celebrity, you gotta have a thick skin to ignore it all. Kenyans on social media are savage, they will throw you under the bus, watch it run you over while they sit back and watch in amusement as you perish. […]

7 Kenyan Universities That Can Get You Quick Employment After Graduation

People believe that attending a good higher institution can help transition a student from the classroom to the corporate/working world faster than normal. This has little to do with the grades the student graduates with but rather the stellar reputation of the university to always put out people that can survive in the adult world. […]

Kenyan Celebrities who confessed to being HIV positive

HIV/AIDS is among the most feared diseases not only in Kenya but in the world. We through more light on it as we walk our readers through some Kenyan Celebrities who are HIV positive.  Very few people will come up to the public to reveal their status. Being tested positive for the virus as a […]

10 most expensive high schools in Kenya in 2018

Nelson Mandela once quoted that education is the most powerful weapon used to change the world. Here is a list of the most expensive schools in Kenya.  But does education have to be so expensive? 1. International School of Kenya This is the most expensive school in Kenya offering a North American curriculum. In this […]

10 Richest Musicians in Kenya in 2018

If you love music and have an undying passion for it, the stories of the richest musicians in Kenya are definitely going to make you go gaga. Read on to find out more about your favourite musicians in Kenya. Find out who is the richest musician in Kenya right now!  10. Willy Paul Wilson Abubakar Radido […]

Top 5 Kenyan School Drop Outs Who Are Now Millionaires

Some of the most successful Kenya people are school dropouts making millions yet those who graduate are still a long way to making their first million. “Education is the key to success,” as some school mottos go but it does not apply to all. Here is a list of top Kenyan school dropouts who mint […]

Top 10 Best Employers in Kenya in 2018

Companies are competing aggressively for talent, piling on more perks and benefits every year. But which organizations have the most satisfied employees? These are Kenya’s best employers in each of the following sectors: 1. State Corporations and NGOs For those who may not be aware, the government is the best employer these days not only […]

Top 10 Kenyan Celebrities And Public Figures With The Most Flamboyant Houses

When you see these houses owned by Kenyan celebrities nobody will have to argue that Kenya is a poor country. I’m not talking about deadbeat Kenyan celebrities who get caught up with petty areas over refusing to pay rent in their posh houses, I’m talking about Kenyan celebrities and personalities who own their own homes. And yes, it […]

Top 10 Richest Celebrities In Kenya And Their Net Worth

Most at times entertainment in Africa is most described as not being lucrative but in recent times all the money is in their camp. Today we have listed the richest celebrities in Kenya. Their wealth is calculated based on their live performance, product ambassadors and advertising.  11. Jeff Koinange Popularly known for his show on Citizen […]

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